Top Qualities Required To Be A CFA Charterholder

CFA exam is a test of your:
· Focus
· Hard work
· Perseverance
· Discipline

A candidate with all these qualities and a basic level of intelligence can clear all three levels.

Let’s elaborate on each of these qualities for a better understanding.

Focus: There are multiple distractions on a daily basis in every individual’s life. The ability to focus on your preparation for the exam is extremely important. You may have to cut down on your social obligations significantly in order to focus on your studies.

Hard work: There is no short cut for passing the CFA exam. You have to go through the study material thoroughly and understand each and every concept. Practice the end of reading questions to improve your understanding of the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS). That’s not all; at least two to three mock exams are required before the final exam.

Perseverance:Many a times while preparing for the CFA exam, a candidate faces difficulties in understanding a particular concept. Review that concept again, post it on a forum to get answers or ask an instructor if you have joined CFA classroom training. Do whatever works for you but make sure you keep at it and understand all the concepts.

Discipline:Create a schedule before starting your CFA exam preparations and ensure you stick to it up until the exam. To study for long, hours not for a day, week or month, but for many months and at each level requires a very high level of discipline.

These are the qualities that any organization will look for in a candidate before they make a hiring decision. Passing the CFA exam is a testament of your abilities mentioned above.

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