For Working Professionals: 5 Tips To Save Time While Preparing For CFA Exam

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Preparing for the CFA exam is a classic test of hard work and discipline. If you are working, then it requires even higher levels of dedication. In such a scenario, time management is extremely important for a successful start. Here are five time saving tips for working professionals preparing for the CFA exam:

1. Utilize your travel time

If you travel one hour every day to and fro from work, it can add up to 80 hours during a four-month period. Utilizing this time to study can help you cover over 20% of the material (based on suggested prep time by CFA institute of 350 hours)

Some adjustments if you are driving to work:

· Hire a driver if you can afford one

· Take public transport instead

· Rent a place closer to work

2. Squeeze some time to revise during lunch hours

If you have 15-20 mns during lunch, then it may not be possible to start something new in such a short time. But revising what you have studied the previous night or early in the morning can help retain concepts and formulas.

3. Start early on weekends

Research shows that concentration power is highest early in the morning. Also, completing your study sessions early in the morning leaves enough time for social gatherings, family commitments or any unexpected events that may take up your time.

4. No distractions

Phone calls, messages, emails, social media, everything is vying for your attention. Once your mind is diverted, it takes a few minutes to get back to your earlier levels of concentration. With all these distractions by your side, a one-hour study session may provide study benefits of only 15-20 mns. So ensure you extract an entire one hour of value from a one hour study session.

5. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Do not try to study from every source that you can get your hands on. If you cannot revise before the exam, it is unlikely that you will recall the material during the exam. If you are able to solve end of reading questions in CBOK and score more than 70% in mock exams on CFA website, you are good to go for the exam.

Share your time saving tips and help others.

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