CFA: Managing Exam Day Stress

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

There is a lot of advice on what to do up till the exam day, but very little material on how to maximize your output on the day of the exam. After all you, have prepared for 3-4 months and focusing for six hours under so much stress in not a cake walk.

Here are 6 steps to maximize your 6 hours of performance on D-Day

1. Pack The Essentials

Make sure to pack all the essentials such as passport, calculator, pencil, eraser, etc., a night before the exam. Leaving any of these items behind can create havoc on the exam day, so avoid last minute stress.

2. Good Night Sleep

Fatigue can creep in easily if you haven’t slept properly before the exam. 7-8 hours of sleep is essential to start the day with a fresh mind.

3. Buffer For Travel Time

If possible, visit the exam center a couple of weeks before the exam day. Observe your travel time. Look at the parking facilities near the center. On the exam day, keep at least half an hour buffer in your travel time to avoid unexpected delays.

4. Breathe

Deep breathing for just 5 minutes can do wonders to your nervous system and help relax your nerves. It’s all about keeping calm and executing on the final day.

5. Eat The Right Foods

Avoid high carb / greasy foods during lunch between the two exams. Such foods induce drowsiness and can slow down your thinking. Eat proteins / fruits / vegetables as they keep you full for a longer period of time. Attention levels need to be at their peak throughout.

6. Maintain High Levels of Energy

Maintaining high energy levels during a six our period is extremely difficult. Energy levels start dipping, especially around 3 or 4 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon. Take whatever works for you, caffeine, energy bars, etc. throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated for maximum output.

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